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Work Holding

Work Holding dates back to Ram Power's historical roots in 1974. This was the core of our business and we are proud to still be supplying this range into today's leading aerospace and engineering companies around the world.

hydraulic boosters

We design and manufacture

a complete range of clamping

cylinders to suit your application. Hollow rod, Screwed body, metric block and displacement cylinders are all available in our standard program.

hydraulic cylinder manufacturers

Our range of Air oil boosters

provide the hydraulic power required to

operate a vast array of clamping devices and hydraulic cylinders. A large selection of boost ratios and operating pressures up to 650 Bar are available as standard.

hydraulic ram manufacturers

Any aspect of our work holding

range can be customised to suit your

specific application. From exotic alloys, electroplating of components, to special seal materials required for specific fluids or external coolant and environmental operating conditions.