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Friction Locking Sleeves


Precision locking at any stroke position.

Hydraulic applied locking device for reciprocating hydraulic actuators. They can be 'built in' to new actuators or fitted over an extended piston rod.

Prevents axial motion;slippage release of overload, re-locking after load reduced.

The locking force is proportional to applied pressure and the lock releases on venting pressure.

Unique highly space efficient design giving improved power density.

Suitable for double acting and single acting cylinders, and other shaft locking applications.

  Max pressure rating 210 Bar
  Max rod velocity 0.5 m/s
  Fluid temperature range -10 +90 °C
  Mounting Options
  Pin & Spherical eye
  Front & rear flange
  Foot & Trunnion
  Available Options
  Stainless steel piston rods
  Marine and Nuclear specification
  Integral hose burst valves
  Low friction and chemically resistant